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Nov 1

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7. things i like and things i don’t like about the way i look.

Things I like: Honestly there’s not much I’m super stoked about necessarily, but I’ve had others note particular features so I guess I can feel a little comfortable ish about these facets of my looks: My eyes (yay for slightly larger eyes?), above average height (at least, for an asian male), my tan (unless you subscribe to the bleach white sect of beauty standards), my soft hair (when it doesn’t have stuff in there) and my calves (heck yeah for dancing and lax I guess =p)? 

Things I don’t like: Wish I was taller by a couple more inches, a little more built (so hard to put on muscle on my frame -__-“), my hunch-y posture, and my super high arches on my feet. 

19. press ctrl v and post.

Bahaha all that shows up is question #25 since I’ve been copying and pasting these questions before going through them. Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting anything interesting. =p 

25. story of my first kiss?

Ok kids, sit on down cause this story is a little long. Back in the days of high school, senior prom was approaching and there was nary a date in sight for me. At the time I wasn’t locked onto any one person given the fairly tumultuous events my senior year of HS so I didn’t even have an inkling of where to start or who to pursue. I turned to one of my closest female friends at the time, Sarah B, for some consultation and to see what options were on the table. 

Over the course of senior year our IB crew had been holding regular movie nights, usually of the scary movie variety (probably where my deep-seated love of horror movies stems from), and we had visitors drop in and out of them with regularity. Of course, one of the visitors was someone I found super cute and endearing who also happened to be one of Sarah’s friends from drama/theater. 

After some discussion and probing/recon on her part, I got a green light from Sarah to pursue this lead out myself. Given that I didn’t want prom to be my first time getting to know her, I figured I’d ask her out on a date to the soccer game versus one of our rival high schools, Arapahoe High School. I had no freaking clue what to expect since it was my first date *EVER* and I was flummoxed beyond belief how to proceed. Alas. Onwards regardless. I called Amy up and we agreed to meet at the gate into the stadium on Friday night and we’d just roll from there. 

Friday night rolls in and I roll over to the stadium. It’s a little chilly but nothing too bad as I was wearing shorts as usual (side note#1: I used to be of the mindset that I wore shorts as long as it was above freezing during that time of year, which has led to plenty of odd looks and bewilderment on the part of friends and strangers alike…leading to one of my old nicknames, mountain trash =p). We meet at the gate and I’m likely a flustered, bumbling fool…cause well, cute girls are kinda kryptonite. =X 

We settle in to the game and it’s cold so of course she has a blanket (the girl was smart and came prepared…major points in my book :D)… So we huddle under this pocket of warmth and gradually drift closer and closer; I have no idea if this was conscious effort or not on my part, but I’m sure I was mildly freaking out mentally (what do you expect from a total cheeseball dork?). I don’t even remember details from the game because of course my entire attention is focused on Amy and enjoying her company and getting to know her. At some point we start holding hands and it’s like incoherency on the inside. Mind whirling under a surprisingly calm and composed exterior. I guess I sort of have a knack, for better or worse, of hiding my feelings for everyone’s sake. I basked in the happiness of having one of the best evenings in my life up to that point (after all, what other milestones did I have by then? Winning math competitions/awards? Getting admitted to college early decision? Attending a life-changing peer counseling/leadership retreat? All amazing experiences but a very short list in that regard). 

The evening winds down and I realize that we were to part ways soon. To compound the situation, I was disappearing off to New Haven for Yale’s admitted students weekend, Bulldog Days, that evening (yay for redeyes… -__-“) so I wouldn’t see her or likely talk to her until mid-next week when I returned (side note#2: so begins my continued on-going luck/curse of falling for someone/having something happen with someone a)long distance, b) in a relationship (that I find out later about), c) in a complex relationship with (e.g., best friend’s ex, someone I work with in one capacity or another), or d) some combination of the previous). The game finishes and everyone starts leaving the stadium. We linger, longer than normal people might, and enjoy the moment of peace to ourselves. Of course, seconds into our moment of peace my Dad calls letting me know he’s in the parking lot waiting for me so we can head to the airport. I hang up and look over. Smitten. What a total sap and cheeseball. o_O *shakes his head* We lock eyes and pause. My heart’s racing and I feel impetuous, so I ask. Call me old fashioned, call me antiquated, call me ridiculous but I felt like I had to ask: “Can I kiss you?” Her eyes light up and I know her answer before the words leave her mouth. “Yes!” All I remember is fireworks going off in my head, an eternity and a flash of time encapsulated in a single embrace. We slowly pull back, me with undoubtedly a sheepish grin plastered all over my face, and I bid her adieu before racing up the steps to meet my father for a whirlwind weekend traveling and exploring, mind torn between the amazing beauty in front of me and the crackling happiness of that Friday evening. 

Told you it was a long story. Apologies for the sheer amount of cheese and ridiculousness. =p

I'm a numba muncha, toss em my way


  1. what my last text in my inbox, and the last text that i’ve sent says
  2. a famous person i’ve been compared to.
  3. 5 things that irritate me about the same sex/opposite sex.
  4. the best thing that has happened to me this week.
  5. weird things i do when i’m alone.
  6. how i’d spend ten thousand bucks.
  7. things i like and things i don’t like about the way i look.
  8. my last night out in detail.
  9. something that makes me sad when i think about it.
  10. something i’ve lied about.
  11. would i rather be stranded on a desert island with someone i love for ten years or someone i hate for a month? explain why.
  12. something i’m currently worrying about.
  13. something i do without realising.
  14. lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood.
  15. a drunken story.
  16. something i regret.
  17. post a picture of myself.
  18. things you want to do before you die
  19. press ctrl v and post.
  20. post a bit of my last IM convo.
  21. 5 things i want to change.
  22. my view on being tumblr famous.
  23. someone i’d like to be for a day and why.
  24. 5 things within touching distance.
  25. story of my first kiss?

Since I’ve been slacking and haven’t done anything on this site of late. I have so ideas queued…just not fleshed out in full.

Anyways, ask because you’re bored, curious or random. Or any combination of the above. =p 

Hungry to not just succeed in my life, but flourish. 

Sep 6

Requiescat In Pace

Dear Katie,

Oh man…how do I even begin this… It’s beyond weird and I’m still in shock, days after finding out what happened. A big part of me still can’t accept it but knows that I must. It’s doubly weird since it’s been forever since I’ve seen you so we hadn’t talked in way too long (…though I guess now it’s more like never/until I join you one day =...) but you were honestly one of the people I was most looking forward to seeing and catching up with next year at reunion. I even went to visit your myspace page last week because I was wondering how you were doing and figured it was worth a shot to see if I could get any gleams of updates. But it’s a moot point because you’re not on this Earth anymore… 

Enough of the moping and rumination though; I’ll mourn in private on my own. I came on here to write to you and celebrate your life and my memories of you so that I can hope to crystallize and immortalize even a part of life together.

Did you know you were my first serious crush? I remember getting such a ridiculous case of butterflies talking to you whenever we happened to cross paths, and the fact that we rode the bus together made my day that much brighter. Your smile has been and will always continue to be infectious and seeing the old pictures people have posted up since makes me really miss you and wish I had made better effort to keep in touch with you after high school. I remember somehow talking on the phone with you regularly over summers during middle school and possibly into high school (it’s been so long… o_O) and just wondering how I managed to actually get you to talk to me in any semi-regular fashion just cause you were Katie and well, I was me. =p You were the friendliest girl of your group and you always reached out to others it seemed like, helping to make people feel included. I imagine that probably didn’t change much after we went our separate ways in life given your passion and vibrancy in life.

You’re one of the brightest spots of my middle school memories and that’s probably why I’m still in so much disbelief and detached from this piece of news. The fact that you’re the first good friend of mine to pass away makes it that much harder to think about. It really marks the end of my age of innocence; I’ve been exposed to too many of life’s milestones to say that I am still new and fresh to the world. Friends getting married, having kids, finding amazing jobs…yes, I can handle. But a friend dying? What acceptance or peace of mind is there to be had in that? The clinician in me keeps pushing to look for the positives, the silver linings and cognitive reappraisals to help myself come to terms with your passing and leaving, but the rest of me really just doesn’t want to. It’s as if being stubborn and holding onto your memory so tightly means you might actually magically be here the next time I go back to Colorado… It’s a silly thought but I don’t know if I’d be ok with myself accepting things. It makes me truly sad not only knowing I won’t be able to ever laugh with you again, but that you won’t be able to share that with others, that one of life’s brilliant candles will forever be dark now. 

I don’t know if there’s anything more I can add at the moment, but I’ll add more to this entry when I can think of what to write and other memories to share. It’s a work in progress. But for now, let me say that I really really freaking miss you and love you. I hope you are in peace and in a better place now. But it’s immeasurably sad that it’s not here with us. Be well and take care… 


Less Is More of the Day: Entrants in the Philips-sponsored constrained cinema competition “Tell It Your Way” were restricted to six lines of dialogue: “What is that?,” “It’s a unicorn,” “Never seen one up close before,” “Beautiful,” “Get away, get away,” and “I’m sorry.”

Keegan Wilcox’s Porcelain Unicorn, hand-picked as the Grand Prize Winner by director Ridley Scott, is making the rounds again today, and it’s certainly worth a second (and third, and fourth, and tenth) glance.


Another break from productivity for good cause.

A gripping story with minimal dialogue under 3 minutes. =X 

Taking a break from work to post utter awesomeness. =O

Hahaha love Shaun’s part at the end…handle it son =p 

One of my favorite parts of the last Harry Potter movie…words cannot do it justice. :D 


New Music of the Day: Tom DeLonge takes the lead on Blink-182’s first track in six years, “Up All Night.”

The song, which premiered last night on KROQ, is the lead single off the band’s sixth studio album Neighborhoods — its first LP since 2003’s Blink-182 — due out September 27th via Geffen.


Yesssss… I grew up on Blink 182 so hearing that they’ve gotten back together and are finally putting out a new album makes me freaaakking happy. =) We’ll see how it stacks up with their others… =p 

On a scale of 1 to Lord Voldemort, how awkward are your hugs?



LOLOLOLOL. Nice try but Malfoy wasn’t having it. =p 

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"After all this time?"



I Wouldn’t Mind- He Is Wecredits: -perfectwo; g0treckless
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I Wouldn’t Mind- He Is We
credits: -perfectwo; g0treckless

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we keep it moving: Monday classes at ML!


Our first Monday classes at ML start up tomorrow!

Check out who you can catch weekly at the new ML Studio!

330pm Mykell Wilson (@saekell … catch him before he goes on tour with Trevante!)
630pm Andye J (@missandyej)
800pm Kyle Hanagami (@kylehanagami)

We will also be introducing a new ML and…

Ahhhh so freaking excited for mL studios to open up :D And definitely stoked for Paul Ross to guest teach; ever since I took a BZ class with him I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for more chances to take class from him. So dope… =p


Jawn Ha Killing yet another piece


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Jul 6


Today On TDW: Geek —

Jyang on Daily What… too legit son hahahah =p 

He would be in a post that also references CoD though lol.